A Colorful Fall

I don’t even know where to begin, it has been such an amazing and colorful month! Especially after the summer we had…I meant to make some posts during the summer, but pretty much the entire month of August we were socked in with smoke from the fires in California. This is normally what our view looks like…IMG_8933

But for a few weeks in August, this is what our view was like…all that gray stuff is smoke.


There were days where we had the worst air in the nation, as bad as Beijing! I worked as a tour leader in China for about 5 months, and spent many days in Beijing, where frequently you could not see buildings that were more than a few blocks away, ugh.

So August pretty much sucked, as the air was too bad to do anything outdoors, and it jacked up my sinuses. I did try to exercise outdoors a few times on days that weren’t as bad as the picture above, but I found my chest started hurting. They started getting most of them under control near the end of the month, and the air began improving.

The leaves in the mountains started changing towards the end of September, so I headed up to Hope Valley to check it out, and was not disappointed…


And all through this month of October, all the cottonwoods in the entire Carson Valley have been changing, so gorgeous!

In between chasing all the fall colors, I also made some new rings, featuring some of my favorite animals of the Sierra. I was trying out a new saddle ring design, and was pleased with how they turned out! They are all in sterling silver. Here is a mule deer…



And a raven…IMG_8754

And of course, a bear…


They are really comfortable to wear, and they are all in the shop now!

We also went hunting up in northern California, not too far from Lassen National Park, and Sean got his first buck. I will be writing about that experience next time, so stay tuned…

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